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JAPY STREET is a German organization that was created to support homeless people in a practical and special way.

Through the use of music, social media and viral sharing – JAPY hopes to transform and inspire the way that the world interact’s with the homeless.

They operate their “Music for the homeless” program in several German cities and actively hand out care packages to the homeless community that they connect with.

Their wish for each homeless person, for whom they make music for, is to take sufficient time to understand who they are and endeavor to make a difference in their life.

The second JAPY STREET project is entitled “knitting for the homeless” is run in cooperation with a local nursing home and knitting organization in Offenburg and Freiburg.

The hats and scarves that are created are then carefully and lovingly packaged and given to homeless people throughout Germany.

Cheers to JAPY Street for making a difference in the lives of Germany’s homeless community!

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