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A woman in Michigan found a way to turn a heart wrenching encounter at a local Tim Horton’s restaurant, into a chance to pay it forward.

Dianne Hoffmeyer was with her 22 month old daughter, and was waiting in line for coffee.   Her daughter was in the painful process of teething and after a few sleepless nights, she stopped in to get her daughter some donut holes, and some coffee for herself.

2 middle aged women got in line behind her and almost immediately began making comments about her appearance.

“Look at her hair, it’s nasty looking and the roots are coming through’,” Hoffmeyer told WXYZ Denver, replaying the woman’s remarks. “‘She’s a whale, oh the whale needs to eat.'”

Dianne had recently lost over 170 lbs, so the comments were especially hurtful and brought her to tears.

But instead of combating their meanness with anger, the 41-year-old decided to rise above and prove that Kindness Wins.

She told the clerk at the register that she wanted to pay for the coffee for the women behind her, and then she walked out.  She didn’t make any direct contact with them, but followed up later with a now viral Facebook post, recounting the experience.  “To show that my mother raised me better, I’d like to say YOUR WELCOME, Because this ‘Fat Retarded Lard A**’ paid it forward and I bought your coffee’s this morning.

Since the incident, Hoffmeyer has received a gift card from the Tim Hortons, offers from beauty salons to do her hair, and a mountain of support from other mothers.

“One positive action in a negative moment has caused a tsunami of friendship for me with moms that are going through the same thing,” she said.

Just goes to show, Kindness Wins.

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